Specialty Pipe Repair and Restoration

Specialty Pipe Restoration
Government and Department of Defense
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ePIPE has been proud to restore piping systems for numerous government facilities, schools, universities and for the US Department of Defense (DoD). 

Corrosion of military equipment and infrastructure costs approximately $20 billion every year, and the DoD is looking for new solutions for personnel who procure, use, and maintain military material, equipment and facilities/infrastructure. That is where we come in, ePIPE is part of the DoD solution for combating corrosion, leaking pipes and lead leaching.

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San Clemente Island Fort Knox USNS Watkins

Historic Properties

Retrofitting historic structures with a modern plumbing system can be one of the most difficult aspects of a historic restoration and renovation project. Working around historical architecture, fixtures and irreplaceable antiques make pipe replacement virtually impossible for many historical properties.

The ePIPE epoxy pipe lining system has been used successfully in historic hotels worldwide to restore their plumbing systems, as well as protect the pipes from leaks and corrosion. The lining is installed without inconveniencing guests or disturbing historical elements. Projects can be completed in phases while the rest of facility remains operational.

Special bypass adapters can be engineered by ePIPE which allow noninvasive entry to the piping system, preserving ornate fixtures and irreplaceable structures. The versatility of ePIPE installation allows access to piping away from asbestos coverings. The ePIPE team can access and isolate sections of the hotel's piping system in order to avoid shutdowns and minimize effect on revenue by allowing the remainder of the property to continue operations during restoration.

If you would like a free estimate, a presentation, or to learn more about how the ePIPE process can preserve your historic property, please contact our office at (800) 359-6369.


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