Residential Pipe Restoration

Residential Pipe Restoration

If you have experienced the nightmare of a pinhole or slab leak or know someone that has, then you understand the frustration and helplessness that accompanies this problem.

Unfortunately, pinhole and slab leaks are not isolated incidents, so it is only a matter of time before another leak occurs and the nightmare starts all over again.

With the ePIPE solution you will stop the leaks without tearing apart your home and can prevent your copper pipes from ever leaking again. The patented ePIPE process cleans the inside of your existing water piping system and seals the pipes with a healthy, non-toxic, NSF/ANSI 61 Approved epoxy barrier coating making the pipes leak proof and corrosion free. It's like getting a pipe within a pipe without opening walls, floors and ceilings, making your home remodeling and restoration mess-free. The best part is that our pipe restoration company is skilled at performing fast emergency pipe repairs so we can help restore your pipes and sanity in little time.

ePIPE leaves the homeowner with restored pipes and peace of mind.

Single Line Repair


Residential Mini

Partial Restoration: Hot or cold side rehabilitation

Residential Partial


Whole House Restoration


Residential Complete

Restoration services may be covered in full or part by your insurance provider. To connect with our pipe repair and restoration services, such as pinhole slab leak repair for your home, please contact us at 800-359-6369