Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Epoxy Pipe Repair Services in Orange County, CA
Who has used ePIPE?

Since the 1990's, ePIPE was provided first in North America, and then in Europe. Some of the largest plumbing service companies in the world provide ePIPE to their customers. Customers who have taken advantage of this proven patented technology include leading hotel brands such as Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton & Fairmont, US  Department of Defense, US Army Corps of Engineers, Governments of Spain, and thousands of building owners.


How long will the ePIPE repair and restoration take?

Most residential jobs take just one day to complete. Specific needs of the facility, and in most cases, water can be back on every night of the project.

Can I remain in my home and/or operate my business during the pipe restoration services?

YES! The ePIPE process allows for fast pipe repair services while being clean and quiet and not compromising a resident's standard of living. Commercial projects can be completed in phases, according to the customers needs. Sections of the piping system can be isolated allowing the remainder of the property to continue operations during the epoxy pipe repair and restoration process.

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Is ePIPE safe?

ePIPE meets international standards for contact with drinking water. In the US and Canada, ePIPE is listed with the National Sanitation Foundation, under Standard 61, with immediate return to service hot and cold potable water pipes.

Is ePIPE an environmentally friendly alternative?

Yes, ePIPE restores your existing pipes, which in turn reduces the cutting of walls, floors and ceilings normally associated with most conventional methods. ePIPE reduces waste and strain on landfills. ePIPE protected pipe minimizes the leaching of harmful metals such as lead from entering your drinking water.

What types/diameters of pipes can be restored with ePIPE?

Both metallic and non-metallic pipes including copper, lead, steel, black iron, PVC, CPVC and PEX can be restored with ePIPE. Restored systems can include domestic water, radiant heating, snowmelt, fire sprinkler, natural gas piping, industrial process piping and pool piping systems. ePIPE restores most pressurized piping systems that you will find in your home or business. From as small as half an inch can be restored in place.

How thick is the epoxy lining and will my water volume be reduced?

The epoxy thickness is applied in accordance with the manufacturer's specification and the Uniform Plumbing Code requirements depending on the application and size of piping. Your water will meet or exceed the required flow per code requirements.


If you have further questions about epoxy pipe repair, our pipe restoration services in Orange County, CA and throughout the US, or would like to use our services, please reach out to us today.